Friday, April 29, 2011

Days go by...

I have gone through SO many different emotions today..what a rollercoaster. Let me first start off by saying that after pulling an (almost) all-nighter, I woke up early this morning to get ready and at 9:30am in the media art center, I gave my Senior Project presentation!!!!! I'M FINALLY FREE FROM SENIOR PROJECT...HALLELUJAH! I seriously feel like SUCH a weight has been lifted off's great!

So obviously I was extremely nervous this morning...then on cloud nine for the whole afternoon...then in zombie mode from the effects of not sleeping finally catching up to me...then i went into bitch mode because certain people in my life really know how to piss me off...and now currently I'm back in zombie mode....but I'm also in day-dream bare with me as I might go on a tangent in this and chat about my random thoughts.

I can't believe that I'm going to be graduating from college in exactly ONE week..this is absolutely insane! Can't wait to celebrate over the next few days with my bests ;)

Anyway..tomorrow will be a great day: picking up senior pub crawl t-shirts at 1 @ cobble, then cleaning the house w/chels, then liquor store, errands and getting ready/pregame...cannot waitttt to hit up some house parties tomorrow'll prob be my last keene house party experience so I need to live it up tmrw!

If I have any other free time throughout the day tomorrow, I'd like to start cleaning/packing my room up..I didn't realize how much stuff I really had until now..ugh!

Okay, it's getting late and like I said earlier, I'm running on little to no sleep so I think I'm finally crashing..night loves<3

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I've always loved this holiday, for more reasons than one. First of all, I love this holiday for the religious aspect of it. I also associate Easter with spring and today was a perfect example of that! I woke up to sunny 70 degree weather with birds chirping and flowers blooming (literally). I came home for the long weekend yesterday and plan on going back up to Keene on Tuesday.

It has been an awesome past few days for me. For starters, Mike came up to Keene on Thursday night which was great. On Friday, I had my mock-presentation for Senior Project in front of my class. It went SO well....except for the fact that I didn't have a voice. Oh ya, for those of you who didn't know..I had a SEVERE case of laryngitis this past was just awful! Anywho, after my presentation, I came home and got ready with Mike because later that afternoon, I was inducted into the Communication Honor Society, Lambda Pi Eta at Keene State! I received my honor certificate, honorary cords to wear at graduation, and my honorary pin! I'm so happy to have made this accomplishment in my education career :) also meant so much to me that Mike was able to be there to see me receiving my awards.

After that, we enjoyed the rest of our day by taking a walk in our favorite park in Keene (it was gorgeous out on Friday!) We went to see the tree that we carved our initials into 2 years ago..this will probably be the last time we visit our tree since I'll be moving out of Keene in a few short weeks. It was good to see it one last time though. Then after our walk, we went to our favorite mini golf place, Twinkle Town! After we played an extremely close game (he won by 2 damn points..I think he cheated, lol), we went out to dinner at Margarita's where he treated me for my award that I had received earlier that day. All in all, it was a great Friday :)

On Saturday, after Mike left, I did some SERIOUS packing. I filled a couple bins full of stuff that I no longer needed in Keene and packed them into my car to bring to CT. After I packed my car (in the POURING rain, might I add lol), I headed home. And let me just say, Milo absolutely hates the rain. (But then again, what cat doesn't?) But seriously, between being in the car, the rain hardcore pelting my car, and all the damn pot holes down 91-S, Milo was legit tweaking out the entire 2 hour drive. #longday.

After I finally made it home, I got all my stuff inside and had dinner with my parents. After catching up with them for a bit, I got ready and went out with Caitlin for a drink so we could finally catch up. It was so good to see her..I missed her so much.

And finally, today I celebrated Easter with the family. Woke up and got ready, then Mom and I went to Nana's. After visiting with them for an hour or two, we came home and I did my annual easter-egg hunt that my mom always makes me do lol. I don't mind it's fun being a kid every once in a while :)
After that, we all exchanged Easter baskets and then relaxed a bit.

After a great Easter dinner, we headed over to see my adorable little cousins. They are just the cutest things! It was nice to see family today since it's hard for me to see them because I'm always in NH.

All in all, it was a great day! Hope everyone had as great an Easter as I did!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things..

The last two weeks of college are by far the hardest in the entire 4 years of school. Currently, I have tons and tons of work that needs to be done, however I'm more interested in getting sucked into reality TV and surfing the web. With that being said, I have decided that I want to make a wishlist sort of thing of all the items I would someday like to own. So here it goes :)

First things first. I really need a nice new bag. I have expensive taste, be warned! THIS tote is absolutely perfect though. You can never go wrong with Coach!

After I have my new bag, I'll want to go out and about to different events to show it off. What better place to go than to a Boston Celtics game? This is the one sports team that Mike and I agree on so it only makes sense that we would go to a game together! Hint hint, Babe ;)

Next on the list? A new computer! This old Dell of mine has proved to be faithful and strong throughout these past 4 years of college. HOWEVER, the poor thing is getting awfully slow and outdated. With that being said, I have decided that my next computer must be a MAC. I did the research and I don't need a macbook pro...a regular mac will be just fine for my needs :)

I've heard that Mac's are great for photo editing, among other things. Well, this leaves me to my next dream purchase. If I have a brand new computer great for photo editing, then I obviously need a brand new camera to go with it! ;) I have a digital camera but it's one of those tiny $100 ones that are good for college weekend pictures, but that's about it. I want something that will take crystal-clear, beautiful pictures. Something like this:

Moving on to bigger and better things on my list. I have only one sentence for you. "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." Hey, a girl can dream, can't she? In all seriousness though. I know where my relationship is going and I know that Mike and I are moving in this direction. It makes me especially happy to know that someday (probably even within the next year!), I will have this exact ring on my finger. (insert sappy love music here).
Well, after marriage, we'll obviously want to start a family. With that being said, I will need to invest in a mom-mobile. Anyone who knows me, knows I am not ever going to be seen behind the wheel of a Dodge Caravan. That's just not me at all. THIS Chevy Equinox, however, is 100% me:

Last but not least on my wishlist for today's post: a home. I typed into google "beach dream house" and this is what I got. Obviously Mike and I will not live in a house that looks like this, but my dream is to have a beautiful house on some type of body of water. (ocean, lake, even a pond).

Obviously my wishlist could go on and on for miles. (Hey what can I say, I appreciate the *finer* things in life LOL) This is just a mere look into what types of things I would like to own someday. Thanks for reading! :)

new beginnings..

well, I figured with all the changes that will be happening in my life within the next few months, creating a space to get my thoughts down would be the best way to keep myself organized without driving myself crazy! haha
There are exactly 2 1/2 weeks left until I am an official college graduate. With that being said, boy oh boy do I have my work cut out for me until then! Biggest challenge at the moment: finishing Senior Project, alongside getting my resume and cover letter out to different companies.

After graduation, my plan is to stay in Keene for one week to pack, apply for more jobs, etc. From there, I will (with the help of Mike and his Dad) be moving all of my things out of the Keene house and into the Raymond house. I can already tell this will be a challenging task because I am not renting a U-haul this time around. Mike's dad is convinced we will be able to move everything with just a regular pick-up truck bed. Finger's crossed that everything fits! After I move all of my things to Mike's house, my plan is to go home to CT for a week or two and relax with my family. (Depending on the job situation though, I might be cutting that mini vacation short if I can get hired somewhere asap!)

After my little vacation, I will be back to job hunting in the Raymond/Manchester area until I can find something. I will settle with any type of job that pays well..seeing how Mike and I will be saving our pennies over the summer months in order to save up enough to get our own place come September-ish. Fingers crossed we can find a place earlier than September though...I feel somewhat awkward living with my boyfriend's family for a period of time. Whatever :/

Anyway, this is just a look into the beginning of what my life will be looking like over the next few months. Keep an eye out for any interesting things that may be popping up in the future!